Los Lonely Lesbos

Women Chatting
As some of you may know, in addition to my day job and my blogging, I also co-host a Blog Talk Radio show with author Michele Grant and financial empowerment specialist Yvonne Bynoe.  The show focuses on empowering women to live their best lives by, among other things, taking charge of their emotional and financial health.

We don’t pretend to be everyone’s favorite cup of tea.  In the past, we’ve received negative commentary and constructive criticism, which is both welcome and expected. 

But a recent letter floored us all:

OneChele, Carolyn & Yvonne,

I listened to your radio show Wednesday night and I was really disappointed that you are encouraging people to leave their wives and husbands. AND you seemed to be laughing about it.

If the three of you want to push your lonely lesbo agenda, I don’t think you should market it as empowering women to be their best selves. Carolyn was a little too happy to tell stories about emasculating her ex-husband, Yvonne seemed angry and I guess Michele is way too stuck-up and old-fashioned for this century.

Although your finance and life lessons were okay, the good stuff was buried under too much agenda pushing. Anyway, I only listened on a lark. I won’t listen again.

Good luck,

Woman Not Impressed in Sedona

My first reaction — after I literally laughed out loud — was to tell Michelle and Yvonne that if I ever started an all-girl rock band, I would name it the Lonely Lesbo Agenda.  Los Lonely Lesbos also has a nice ring.

Really though, the conflation of “woman self-empowerment” with “lesbian” is disturbing.

During the program, we responded, rather vociferously, to a woman who wanted to know what was wrong with paying money to get and keep a man, because competition  out there is fierce.  We suggested she spend her money instead on a clue.  At no point did we encourage her to expand her dating circle to include women.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Apparently Not Impressed in Sedona has the Seventh Sense: “I see gay people everywhere I look.”  

But her homophobic paranoia is unfortunately not uncommon.  Women who advocate female self-empowerment, who focus on encouraging women to use their own strength to get what they want instead of sublimating their gifts to the will of another, are often accused of being lesbians.

It would not devalue our  message one bit if Michelle Grant, Yvonne and I actually were lesbians.  But none of the lesbians I know have ever embarked on any sort of recruitment effort:  “Girl, that married-to-a-man thing didn’t work?  What you need is a good woman!” 

Maybe it’s because my lesbian friends have fought so hard for acceptance and the right to live and love according to their own choices, they’d never dare to try to impose an agenda on someone else.

If The New Lesbian = accepting responsibility for the choices and decisions you make and taking control over having the life you want — I’ll be that kind of lesbian.  All day.

That is, as long as I get to keep having sex with men.

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2 Responses to “Los Lonely Lesbos”

  1. Inkognegro Says:

    Since we talkin all Absurdly and whatnot…

    How bout if yall DO make the plunge…can I be like the Official Straight Male Friend?

    No..they don’t have those.

  2. kim Says:

    People say ignorant ish when they should just keep their mouth shut! So lesbianism is bad and taking care of trifling, no count men is okay? I guess I’m a lonely lesbian,w/o the sex, too!

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