The Montana Problem

For weeks, gossip sites and blogs have reported the news that Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana has decided to seek her fortune in the world by becoming a porn star.

It seems ludicrous for the daughter of a distinguished actor to decide to become a porn star.  However, in the abstract, I believe a woman has the right to choose to — as opposed to being exploited into — become a porn actor.  At BasseyworldLive NYC, I made the shocking but not controversial statement that “19 is old enough to decide you wanna suck dick for a living.”

However, the matter of Montana Fishburne can’t be viewed in the abstract. Ms. Fishburne’s judgment, thought processes and executive functioning skills appear to be too compromised, to put it kindly,for her to have made a rational career choice.

First, her rationale for going into porn was side eye worthy: “I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.”

No one disputes that Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J jump-started whatever it is you would call her career.  But likewise, no one believes there’s a chance in hell Montana Fishburne can parlay doing outright porn videos — as opposed to a “leaked” sex tape with a boyfriend — into a legitimate mainstream career of any sort.  Tilly the amorous killer whale has a better shot at being the next Kim Kardashian than Montana does.  Danielle Belton, aka The Black Snob, explains it better than I care to in her post about Montana Fishburne.

Montana’s latest nonsense comes again by way of TMZ, which reports that Fishburne is seeking to halt distribution of a porn video, “Phattys Rhymes and Dimes 14,” because it contains a scene with her and wannabe rapper/porn actor Brian Pumper.   Fishburne claims Pumper did not obtain a release to use the material in his video.

According to TMZ, Fishburne says Pumper was helping her “practice” for her big debut with Vivid Entertainment, but the footage wasn’t supposed to be sold.

Blink. blink.

Say what?

Since when do you need to rehearse for a porn video?  Even assuming there is a legitimate need to check angles and lighting before shooting a porn scene, isn’t it possible to do so without capturing a full performance on tape?  Montana gets the extreme side eye for falling for “you need to practice fucking on camera.”

This lawsuit epitomizes why the whole Montana Fishburne saga feels like a tragedy in the making.

Some have said she’s being rebellious. Others say she has daddy issues. In her tape with Pumper announcing her porn debut, she has been described as “looking out of it” and possibly being impaired.

Even if we assume Montana Fishburne is simply a 19 year old woman with a healthy sexual appetite, a desire to be a porn actress, and unfortunate acne scars on her behind, something seems off.  Something just isn’t right there.

And so, while I stand behind my statement about a 19-year-old woman having the right to choose a career in porn, I can’t embrace THIS particular 19 year old’s choices.  Montana Fishburne doesn’t need rah-rah “you go girl for embracing your sexuality!”  Instead, it appears she needs help.  

Whatever is going on in her relationship with her parents, and especially her father, I hope they are able to resolve their differences in private.  Montana Fishburne needs counseling: psychological counseling AND career counseling.

Otherwise, the next time we see her, it will be on Celebrity Rehab.


4 Responses to “The Montana Problem”

  1. iCandy Says:

    a) Chippy D is a 19yo pornstar that loves to fuck. Im gonna let her live…
    b) Montana Fishburne is a hooker and was turned all the way out by her first boyfriend

    Lots of speculation but I think I still want to hear more about her childhood to find out why she was raised so wanting, naive and so desperate for love and a living???

    Its obvious she loves to slurp dick. I hate to be so vulgar but hey, this is Chippy D we are talking about. she has embraced this career path (for now) and is sucking her way to the top.

    How she got here, is the real story and what she will do after she comes to her senses is the other side of this very sharp hill. the fame-whore clock is ticking.

  2. Mark R Says:

    I can only view this through the eyes of a father, which makes my eyes bleed and my heart break. I can’t say that I know Laurence, but I have met him socially often enough to form a first, second, third and fourth impression, and those impressions leave no clue as to how his daughter could have arrived at the place where she exists (I was going to say “stands” but it just didn’t seem appropriate) today.

    18 may be the legal age of consent, but no one should be under the illusion that every child who reaches that birthday is magically and completely transformed into an adult. It takes some folks a few extra years to work their way into it and some folks just never seem to get there no matter what the math.

    I am a strong believer that the call to action; “If you see something, say something” does not apply only to unattended packages in bus stations and airports. Carolyn really summed it all up in one sentence; “Something just isn’t right there.” We all see it. We all know it. Maybe it’s time for that village to step in and help raise this child.

    We’re the village. You and me.

    In the neighborhood where I grew up no one ever said, “Ain’t none of my business.” Your neighbor was your business. What kind of society have we become where far too often that is no longer true? What kind of society do we live in where sucking dick for a living is an elective profession? What kind of society do we live in where the former undisputed hallmarks of abject and total failure are now simply “choices”?

  3. Kiki Says:

    I feel sorry for her father. As a mother i weep for my daughters, this is what they are being shown by the media. Women of low morals are being praised and worshiped by the media, britney, kim k, paris name them, rappers who are thugs like lil wayne and the rest of the gang are deemed as hot and praised while people who do good are criticised left right centre, I weep for my son.
    I could feel sorry for Montana, blame her as a juvenille, blame her parents for poor upbringing and continue speculating on whats happening, but I wont, Instead, i pray that the society takes a blame on this one. We all are to blame for the occurrence of our young girls who in their minds think that the only way to be noticed is not thro hard legitimate work but all they have to do is dress like hookers and/or to screw the next thing famous or not. I trully weep for my children and what they face. In swahili we say a child is a village, we need to look out for children otherwise the village will continue to pink.

  4. @DrAriafya Says:

    Montana Fishburne… It is very well established that being a female porn star is about power and control. There is only one woman CEO of a porn company and she inherited it from her father – Playboy and she has had to fight her way to keep it and keep her father at the helm of the Franchise.

    Miss Fishburne signed on with Vivid Corp. Notorious for the dehumanization of women. Basically riding them to the ground. Graduates of the Vivid program are old when they reach 25 years old. Who is Jenna again? She may be rich, but who wants that old mare who is not what she use to be? All for pubescent sexually deprived predators to rock their socks of with various fantastical poses…

    No…Miss Fishburne does not need psychological help, but deprogramming from a cult that feels woman deserve subjugation under wife beaters. Yes, domestic violence is at play here.

    But, she feels she will laugh all the way to the bank for 6 years till she is beaten down only to realize that she will go down and away like all black female porn stars have, e.g. the woman in Michael Jackson’s Thriller…Then wind up 40-something in Las Vegas acting courses inciting her father’s artistic achievements…

    Fact is Black women will NEVER equate to white women, even in porn. Alice Walker’s, “You Can’t Take a Good Woman Down” short story “Jive Boy” is an illustration of the consumers who absorb porn. Our image is not productive and making productive…Are you serious?

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