A Vacation in Twitpics

I am currently on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.  At the start of my vacation, I promised a friend that I would Twitpic (i.e., post to Twitter) lots of obnoxious pictures of my beachfront view.  However, over the past week, I’ve found the vacation Twitpics to be a wonderful recording of the times we’ve shared thus far.

 Although we ran into a few spots of bad traffic and severe downpours, we made it to Cape Cod from New York City in 4.5 hours, 3 hours earlier than our Martha’s Vineyard ferry reservations.  We relaxed at a restaurant in Falmouth until our cellphone/Nintendo DS batteries almost ran out. 

So New England. on Twitpic

By then, it was time to board the ferry.  The kids have always loved the ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard.  We haven’t been to MV in a few years, so they were especially excited.

Kids being silly on the ferry. on Twitpic

The kids were so excited, they even suspended their normal fighting for a sweet brother-sister bonding moment:

An image that will never happen again on this trip. on Twitpic

Weather reports warned of stormy weather for the next several days, which proved to be the case.  We were trapped inside our beachfront rental for the first three days of the trip.

Still not beach weather. But watching the choppy ocean from a... on Twitpic

The days indoors proved to be good for the adults, as it gave us all a chance to get to know each other better.  It may have been a bit too much togetherness for the kids, as arguments and conflicts escalated over just about everything.

Finally, the weather broke!

Today's view: warmer weather, calmer seas! on Twitpic

It was still not beach weather, so we took the kids to the YMCA in Vineyard Haven for a swim, followed by ice cream at Mad Martha’s.

"My life is so freaking good," she said to herself... on Twitpic

The weather continued to improve.
The boats are back out on the water. on Twitpic

We finally had a beach day!  My son was very excited to be out in the water.
Fun at the beach. on Twitpic

My daughter?  Eh, not so much.
Meanwhile, she won't leave her towel. on Twitpic

As for me, I was pretty happy to be out in the sun.
Another one. on Twitpic

We grownups got to enjoy some after-hours fun at Lola’s, where black folks on MV go to dance, drink and relax.  Lola’s DJs are a little too fond of slide/cha cha/shuffle-type group instructional dances for my tastes.  I had fun laughing at the dance floor drill seargeants leading the way.

We have two days left before our drive back to New York.  We’ll probably hit the lobster roll sale at Grace Church in Vineyard Haven, and I may drive up-island tomorrow.  I’ll update this post with more pictures if I get some good ones.  All in all, it’s been a great vacation!


2 Responses to “A Vacation in Twitpics”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Twitter Trackbacks…

  2. Saida M Latigue Says:

    You guys are having a great time!!
    Lola’s sounds like fun, & I’m like you, not that into the cha-cha/electric/line dancing tunes, but you look absolutely vacation lovely & well-rested!
    Continue having lots of fun, can’t wait to see more “twitpics”. 🙂

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