About Carolyn Edgar

Carolyn Edgar is an attorney and writer living in New York City.  She was a contributor to the former NYC Moms Blog and has also contributed to My Brown Baby.  Carolyn’s personal essays have been published in Reconstruction Magazine and Mirror on America: Short Essays and Images from Popular Culture (Bedford/St. Martin’s).  She is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Harvard Law School.

Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010 by Carolyn A. Edgar. All rights reserved.


12 Responses to “About Carolyn Edgar”

  1. Eric R. Barber-Mingo Says:


    After re-meeting you on Facebook I decided to take a look at your blog, and I think I am already hooked. Your essay about your mom’s passing had me riveted – we share the experience of receiving “the call” from a sibling in the early morning hours, and your description of your reactions to it touched some chords in me that had been dormant, but not quite, since 2000 when my mom passed.

    I look forward to reading more of your musings on life! Take Care!


  2. Hillary Williams Strong Says:

    Carolyn, i think we may have grown up together at least pre-10yrs old! Here goes, I think your mother/grandmother lived on Normandy in Detroit in the 1970’s? My grandmother was on Normandy and my mother and I lived with her for a few years when i was little. I may have spent some time at your house, but am not entirely sure. I have to check with my mother! But if this is you.. how exciting.. I live in Harlem also!!

    I hope you are the right Edgar and look forward to being in touch!

    • carolynedgar Says:

      Oh, my God. Hillary? Your mom was Candy? My mom lived in the same house until she passed last year. (I’ve written a few posts about her.) You used to come over after school until your mom got off work. Wow, the world is small! I’ll email you!

    • Caroletta Edgar Sprinkle Says:

      Hello Hillary! I’m Carolyn’s older (slightly) sister. We hung out a lot while Mom was babysitting you. I have a picture of me carrying you on my hip, which I did quite often back then. I’m still in the Detroit area. E-mail and let’s catch up!

  3. TMA Says:

    Hi, Carolyn! I’ve been reading your blog today after seeing Sam Reynolds’ (he knows everyone, right?!) tweets to you via my Gmail buzz. I actually just signed up for Twitter this week and saw your name come up in reference to your “Upgrade Him?” post. Anywho, via Fresh Xpress, I ended up here. And when I saw your photo, I realized that I met you at Sam’s party early this summer. I didn’t stay late, but I do remember you wearing that beautiful white and green dress.

    Anywho, I just wanted to say hello. I enjoy your honesty and willingness to tell your truth. That’s refreshing. And also inspiring. I also created a blog on tumblr this week and have yet to post anything…I’m *scared*. Ha! I’ll continue to read. And when I post something, I’ll let you know. 🙂

  4. Professher! Says:

    Just discovered you, thanks to Beyond Black and White. YOU ARE BRILLIANT! I’m IN.

  5. David McRae Says:

    Hello Carolyn, Been reconnecting with old friends and aquaintances on google and facebook and thought of you and when I saw the brilliant writing you’ve been doing, I just wanted to say “great work” and keep it up. I will continue to follow your work.

  6. smokie Says:

    holla, nice article.

  7. Dell Westbrook Says:

    Wow!! I was looking through my Ebony when I ran across your name and picture. Immediately, I googled info until I confirmed what I already knew. Don’t expect you to remember me as I was closer in age to Cheryl and the guys. However; I’m sure you remember my aunt-Luanne and my mom-Joyce Ann. My grandparents lived next door to you–Nan and Easy. I remember and can name your whole family (parents and sibs).
    I enjoyed your articles and wish you much continued success.
    I live outside of Chicago, but will be in Detroit soon and most definitely will be taking my Ebony magazine.

    God bless and prosper you,
    Dell Jeter Westbrook
    My sibs-Carl and Pam

    • carolynedgar Says:

      Wow! Your name sounds vaguely familiar and of course I remember Nan & EZ. I live in NYC now, but my brother still lives in our old house. Mom died in August 2009. Glad you enjoyed the Ebony piece and the blog, and thanks for reaching out!

  8. E.Darty Says:

    Carolyn..Ran across The Achieve piece in Ebony, name and face got me to thinking…is this the same Carolyn Edgar from Normandy St.??? Googled..found the site..confirmed you are.. and had to drop you a line. I am one of the Darty’s..9 girls…Cheryl and I are of the same age. I still live in the Detroit area..Caroletta went to school w/my sister Veronica.and you may have been in the same grade w/Jackie?
    Again….Congratulations on your success and say Hello to your brothers & sisters!

    • carolynedgar Says:

      Wow. Thank you for making the connection and writing! I will let Cheryl and Caroletta know I heard from you!

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